Kingston 8GB Flash Memory Class 4

Kingston flash memory card is an 8 GB class 4 SDHC memory card. It has the dimensions of 24 x 2 mm. Provides your mobile device more space allowing you to take more pictures and videos, carry more music with you or simply to share data more easily. It is designed to meet the storage demands of high-quality digital still and video cameras and other high-resolution image recording devices. Class rating of Class 4 guarantees a minimum data transfer rate of 4MB/sec. Each card is 100-percent tested to ensure compatibility, look for the SDHC logo on cards and host devices (cameras, camcorders, etc.).

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Apple iPod Shuffle M9724B/A

The iPod shuffle from Apple Corporation is a surprisingly amazing device to play your selected songs and carry them with you all the time. You can make a larger collection with its 512 MB storage and just shuffle the playlists according to your mood. The white colored iPod weighs only 191 grams, designed so simply that it can match with any of your get up. It is very fashionable as well. Worried about long journeys? It has 12 hours of continuous playback time and will keep going as long as you go. It selects songs randomly from your playlist. The little cap over the USB connector protects it and also adds much more beauty.

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NATPC M009S 8GB WiFi Android Tablet PC

This android tablet of NATPC is a latest addition to the android tablet world. The 7 inches touch screen has ability to pinch to zoom that allows you to work without a stylus. All the stylist and useful features and applications you can expect from an android 4.0 (ice cream sandwich) tablet are all there. It has an A10 1.2 GHz CPU. The graphic processor is mail 400 MHz and the 4000 mAh battery will give you the longest back up time possible. The average battery life is around 6 hours. So this NATPC tab is one to look forward to.

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Buying Guide for GPS and Sat Nav

Buying a GPS and a Sat Nav can be quite confusing, especially if you are not familiar with the overwhelming number of models available these days for these gadgets. So to help you decide which GPS or Sat Nav to buy, here’s a gps & sat-nav buying guide that will tell you the basic terminologies of these gadgets so you can easily identify which model is suitable for you.

Types of Satellite Navigation Systems

Before you decide to buy a satellite navigation system or Sat Nav, consider how you plan to use such GPS. Are you going to need for your business travel? Or do you need a portable version of Sat Nav which you can transfer from one car to another? What about the amount of time you need to spend on traveling and use the GPS? Or do you want to integrate such navigation system with your Smartphone by means of the GPS software? Your answers to these questions would help you to decide on the type of Sat Nav or GPS to buy.


GPS systems for cars come in various types, which range from simple to complex model, and with a long list of features. You simply need to identify what your purpose is of using the Sat Nav in order to determine which of these features is most useful for you. If possible, list down the features that you need to be included on the GPS that you plan on buying, and then allocate a budget for such gadget.

One of the best features that you can find in a GPS or Sat Nav is the Bluetooth capability. This feature allows you to put your Sat Nav in sync with your mobile phone, and therefore, allowing you to make and receive calls by means of your car’s GPS. Some units come with features that allow you to take pictures, play music and record videos. If you do not really see the need to use these features however, you can simply ignore it and choose the most basic model, and at a cheaper price. You will find a lot more sophisticated versions that have less features but at a lower cost.

Time to Choose

So after you identify the features of the GPS and Sat Nav that you need, it’s time to narrow down your choices. But of course, do not forget to consider your budget, and try not to go beyond your allocated budget. If you are still uncertain with the type of model that you plan on buying, do some research about it and read reviews to find out if such unit is worthy of your hard earned money. If possible, go to an actual electronics store to see the unit instead of just relying on pictures that you see online. But when it comes to buying your GPS unit, it is still a good idea to shop online. Given the current economic situation, it’s now so easy to find the best deals on car GPS and Sat Nav, especially if the time that you plan to shop for this gadget coincides with a holiday.

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Apple iPad Prices

Apple iPads comprising Apple iPad and iPad 2 had been a phenomenal success in the market of Tablets and the two products are among the most popular models in markets the world over. The awesome touch screen technology of iPhone has been inducted into a 9.7 inch screen giving the most exciting experience of internet browsing, playing games, watching movies, listening to music and hundreds of other apps.

The Apple iPad also known as the original iPad is a 9.7 inch Tablet with touchscreen technology. It can be considered as a larger version of iPhone.

iPad 2 followed the original iPad. When compared with iPad, iPad 2 is based on a new operating system with a very powerful processor. Apart from HDMI connectivity and two high performing cameras, iPad 2 has a host of additional features. With a height of 241 mm, width of 186 mm and thickness of 8.6 mm iPad 2 is thinner than iPhone and in size a little smaller than original iPad. Also, with a weight of 680 grams, it is lighter than the original iPad. iPad 2 has a curved edge. The design of iPad 2 is amazing.

When the battery life of original iPad is 10 hours, the lighter and faster iPad 2 also has the same battery life. iPad 2 enables Face Time video calls and also recording of HD movies thanks to the two powerful cameras. iPad 2 is provided with a magnetic smart cover which perfectly attaches itself to the device.

iPad 2 comes in two versions: -

  1. iPad 2 with Wi-Fi
  2. iPad 2 with Wi-Fi + 3G

There are many cheapest tablets in UK, out of that Apple iPad is a quality one. Each of the above two versions are available in three different models –  16GB, 32GB & 64 GB.

Other most outstanding features of iPad 2 are –

  • 9.7 inch LED backlit display with IPS technology
  • Bluetooth 2.1
  • 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi
  • Dual-core A5 chip &
  • EDR technology

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Cheap LED TVs UK

Cheapest LED televisions available from wide ranges of brands in the UK TV market. Samsung offers huge numbers of cheapest LED TVs UK such as Samsung UE32C4000, Samsung UE32C5100 and Samsung UE32D5520 and so on. LED televisions are available in all sizes starting from 16 inches.

Cheapest LED TVs available from 90GBP, DigiHome is one of the cheapest LED TV brand in UK. To buy a cheap LED television in UK, compare tv prices before buying it along with tv specs, user ratings, consumer reviews and expert ratings.

There are lots of LED televisions, which comes with Full HD 1080p screen resolution, HD ready and 3D ready features. Most of the LED tvs are having Freeview HD tuning option.

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Amazon iPod Discount

Get great discount at Amazon UK for all kind of Apple iPods and iPod accessories. Amazon UK offers discount from 7% to 16% for all kind of iPods including iPod touch, iPod shuffle and iPod Nano. Amazon UK offers 16% discount on Apple iPod Nano 8GB 6G. There are lot of cheapest discount for other Apple iPod Shuffle 2GB, iPod touch 8GB and iPod nano 8GB.

They are also giving discount for old iPod models such as for iPod Shuffle 4G (10% discount offer), iPod shuffle 2GB etc. You can save at least £35 by buying an Apple iPod touch 64GB 4th generation by applying the 11% iPod discount offer.

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Tvonics DTR-HV250 Digital TV Recorder

The black coloured Tvonics DTR-HV250 digital TV recorder is come with free view technology. Use this powerful digital media recorder to record your favourite TV programs, TV serials and live sports matches without having any other storage media such as disc or tape drives.

The Tvonics DTR-HV250 allows you to record 2 channels at a time. Tvonics DTR-HV250 is 18.5 cm in width and it’s having 1.9KG of weight. It has two USB ports and time slip function. Using this digital TV recorder you can record up to 125 hours of video contents. The storage capacity of freeview digital tv recorder is 250GB. It comes with 1 year guarantee.


Tvonics DTR-HV250 Specs


Width 18.5 cm
Height 7 cm
Colour Piano Black
Hard Drive Capacity 250GB
Optical Output Available
USB Ports 2

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Hinari HSC008 Slow Cooker

The Hinari HSC008 1.5L slow cooker comes with three types of cooking method, using the high method you can achieve the cooking within 4 hours whereas in slow method you can do by eight hours. The capacity of this slow cooker is 1.5 liters. It has ceramic plot materiel with white color finish.

The height of this Hinari slow cooker is 19 cm and the width is 24 cms. This cooker is also having glass LID and dishwasher safe LID. It comes with 1 year guarantee.

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Dell Inspiron 15 Laptop

The new Dell Inspiron 15.6 inches laptop is come with built-in webcam to do live video chatting with your friends and your family. It also have wide LED graphical display with HD quality. This cheapest dell laptop is come with Windows 7 operating system. The laptop can have 4GB of RAM memory and 500 GB of hard disk storage.

The dell Dock allows you to launch your favorite app within few seconds. The Dell DataSafe allows you to backup all your important files in their place. The laptop’s processor is Intel Pentium Dual Core T4500 with 2.3GHz speed. The laptop is also have X4500HD Graphics accelerator. The screen resolution of this laptop would be 1366×768 pixels.


Processor Intel Pentium Dual Core 2.3GHz
Screen Size 15.6 inch
Speakers 2
Hard Disk Drive SATA 500GB
Wi-Fi Available
Operating System Microsoft Windows 7

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